PLEASE NOTE TO CALL THE STORE! Often times stores simply stop carrying products without telling the vendor. The FAT FINDER is list of stores that are or that have ordered from Fatworks in the past. This is a dynamic, but growing list of grocery stores, coops, and specialty stores that are embracing real fat! We try to prune away the stores that do not reorder however it is difficult to always do so. So again, please call ahead so you do not waste a trip. To start your FAT finding mission look on the list to the left or click the "f" icons on the map, or enter your zip. This will give you directions and even street views to store nearest to you. We highly encourage you to support the stores that support Fatworks! One lat note, we are national in Sprouts and Walmart but they are not listed here otherwise the map would be to full of "f's" to see the map.
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